HTTP API Quickstart

In this quickstart we're gonna show you how to make your first HTTP API call to SenseCAP HTTP API backend.


You should have your SenseCAP account from SenseCAP sales, and make sure you can login the SenseCAP Web Portal

Get an Access Key

  1. Login the SenseCAP Web Portal

  2. Navigate to "Organization/Security Credentials"

  3. Click "Create access key"

  4. Set down the Access ID and Access Key

Get all the Deivice EUIs

In this quickstart, we will use curl to issue HTTP requests. The example below calls an API to retrieve all the device EUIs belonging to you.

curl --user "<access_id>:<access_key>" \

You should replace <access_id> and <access_key> with the one you got before. The command will output like the following

"code": "0",
"data": {
"gateway": [
"node": [
"time": 0.314